What Are The Specifications And Models of Stainless Steel Metal Hose Joints?

With the development of society, stainless steel products are used more and more in daily life. The main reason is that there are too many advantages of stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion by weak alkaline media such as air, steam, and water, so people like to use stainless steel in more daily necessities. This article mainly introduces the joint models of stainless steel metal hoses and how to choose stainless steel hose joints.

Classification of stainless steel metal hose:

  • NPT, PT, G are all pipe threads
  • NPT is the abbreviation of National (American) PipeThread, NPT is American tapered pipe thread, used for sealing. It belongs to the American standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread and is used in North America. The national standard can be found in GB/T12716-1991
  • PT is the abbreviation of PipeThread. It is a 55-degree sealed tapered pipe thread and belongs to the Wyeth thread family. It is mostly used in Europe and Commonwealth countries. It is often used in the water and gas pipe industry, and the taper is 1:16. National standards can be found in GB/T7306-2000
  • G is a 55-degree non-thread sealed pipe thread, which belongs to the Wyeth thread family. The mark is G for the cylindrical thread. National standards can be found in GB/T7307-2001. G is the general name of pipe thread (Guan), and the division of 55 and 60 degrees is functional, commonly known as pipe circle. That is, the thread is processed by a cylindrical surface.

Metric threads are expressed in pitch, while American and British threads are expressed in the number of threads per inch. This is the biggest difference between them.

Metric thread is a 60-degree equilateral profile, British thread is an isosceles 55-degree profile, and American thread is 60-degree.

Metric units are used for metric threads, and inch units are used for American and British threads.

Pipe thread is mainly used to connect pipelines. The internal and external threads are closely matched. There are two types of straight pipes and tapered pipes. The nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the connected pipe. Obviously, the thread diameter is larger than the nominal diameter.

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