The Difference Between Metal Corrugated Hose And Metal Compensator

In the entire product field, metal corrugated hoses and metal corrugated compensators have the advantages of wide usage and easy installation. Considering the comprehensive economic benefits, the project cost is low, so it is widely used in projects. However, there are also differences between the two, which will be explained below.

The core component of the metal hose is the corrugated pipe, and its length to inner diameter ratio is generally greater than three. The waveform is divided into a ring and a spiral. The bending stiffness of the spiral is greater than that of the ring. To increase the pressure-bearing capacity of the metal bellows, metal wire and a woven metal mesh sleeve are added outside it. Use the flexibility of the metal hose to compensate for the position deviation caused by the installation in the pipeline system and meet the requirements of various displacements of the working end, and bear the pressure of the fluid in the system. The failure modes of bellows are mainly fatigue cracking, stress corrosion damage, and bellows instability.

The main factors affecting the service life of the bellows are working pressure, working displacement, working temperature, fluid medium, wave structure, raw material quality, pressure shock, vibration, connecting parts structure, and assembly quality. Among the bellows valves, the bellows are the most vulnerable part. Therefore, the design and selection of the bellows are very important. If the design is unreasonable, it will often cause premature failure of the valve. Compared with packing seal valves, bellows valves have higher reliability and service life. It is used in the nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, aerospace, and other industrial fields.

The corrugated pipe, the core part of the metal compensator, uses the deformability and pressure-tightness of the bellows to perform pumping, lateral and angular displacement, and bear the fluid pressure of the system. The other parts are all structural parts, which act as guides, supports, Connection, diversion, and other functions. According to the design and use requirements, the corrugated pipe and related structural parts are welded into different types of corrugated expansion joints in axial, lateral, and angular directions according to the required structure. Metal compensators are widely used in various piping systems to compensate axial, lateral, and angular displacement caused by temperature and pressure fluctuations.

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