The Difference Between Corrugated Hose And Braided Hose

1. Color

The outer layer of the HDPE double-wall corrugated hose is black, and the inner layer is blue (very few manufacturers also have khaki).

The inner and outer layers of PVC double-wall corrugated pipes are generally white or beige.

2. Material

Cut a small piece of HDPE pipe to burn with a lighter. The flame color is blue on the outside and yellow on the inside, and the burning smell is candle smell.

Cut a piece of PVC pipe to burn. The flame color is green on the outside and yellow on the inside, which is easy to extinguish. The burning smell is pungent and very choking.

3. Different components

Steel braided hose: wire, inner tube, steel sleeve, core, gasket, nut

Steel corrugated hose: hexagonal cap, tube body, gasket, plastic sleeve

4. Different functions

Stainless steel flexible hose: It is mainly used to connect the angle valve at the water inlet to the basin faucet, kitchen faucet, vertical bathtub faucet, water heater, central air conditioner, and toilet to form a water supply channel or drainage pipe

Stainless steel corrugated hose: used for high-temperature liquid and gas transmission. Such as water heater inlet pipe, gas delivery pipe, faucet inlet pipe, and so on. For areas with poor water quality, the connecting pipe of the water heater can be preferentially selected as the corrugated pipe, which will last longer.

5. The production method and performance are different

Stainless steel braided flex hose: It is braided with 6 strands of 304 stainless steel wire, the whole tube has good flexibility and good explosion-proof effect. But compared with the bellows, the diameter is smaller and the water flow is small.

SS corrugated flexible hose: The tube body is uneven, with only one outer tube, no inner tube, and the tube body is hard. Pay special attention to installation, it is best to choose vertical installation, and do not bend at the same place multiple times to avoid water leakage and breakage.


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