Plastic VS Stainless Steel VS Aluminum Alloy VS Copper-Plated Shower Head

As one of the necessary shower devices in the bathroom, the showerhead has a wide range of materials and types. So how can you choose a durable and beautiful shower in the mixed market? If you want to know the answer, please continue to read the blog content.

What Are The Shower Materials?

Shower materials generally include stainless steel shower faucets, plastic shower faucets, and copper shower faucets. The faucets of the first two materials are inferior to the copper shower faucet.

Plastic Shower

It is made of plastic, and the water outlet is made of silica gel. Solar water heaters will have scale after a long time, and these scales will block the water outlet. If it is silicone, you only need to squeeze the water hole with your hands to clean up the scale blocked in the hole. The current engineering plastics have good performance, strength, and heat resistance. Plastic material has the advantage of being affordable, but its disadvantage is that it is easily deformed by heat.

Stainless Steel Shower Head

Stainless steel showers were still common a few years ago, but they have become rare in recent years. It has the advantages of wear resistance, no rust, and affordable price. The disadvantage is that the style of the showerhead made of stainless steel is relatively simple and the workmanship is relatively rough.

Aluminum Alloy Shower Head

The advantages of aluminum alloys and aluminum-magnesium alloys are that they are not afraid of wear, and are light and durable. The disadvantage is that it may become black if it takes a long time. It must be equipped from the shape and color. After choosing the style and color, you must first choose the product material and then look at the plating.

Copper Plated Shower Head

Hollow copper chrome plated (mostly round rods, thick square rods generally also have) advantages: many styles, moderate price. Disadvantages: fear of abrasion, the best electroplating will fall off in a humid environment all the year-round, the electroplating layer is thin, it will not take long for the electroplating to fall off and be easily deformed. Normal manufacturers generally do not have this problem, but some manufacturers use tubes that look thicker, but the tube wall is very thin, and it will break after a period of use.

All-copper solid chrome-plated (usually a square tube) showerhead advantages: fine workmanship, thick plating layer, strong and durable. Disadvantages: the price is high, the style is not as good as the hollow one.

What Kind of Shower Head Is Durable?

1. Generally speaking, the best material for the shower faucet is copper. Because copper shower head or copper shower hose is less prone to rust than steel and other metals, the outer surface of the showerhead should be electroplated five times so that the showerhead is durable. Because the bathroom is very humid, it is best to use aluminum for the hardware of the bathroom, which is the so-called space aluminum.

2. The valve core material of the shower nozzle is preferably high-hardness ceramics. The valve core made of ceramic has good sealing performance, is durable, and does not rust.

3. The shower hose has various metal hoses, braided hoses, PVC reinforced hoses, etc. There are some differences in different materials, and there is no absolute answer to which one is better. When buying it, look at the surface flatness, uniform clearance, smooth hand feeling, natural expansion, firm structure, and strong resistance to the destruction of the hose.


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