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What is The Scope of Use of Stainless Steel Metal Hose
The stainless steel braided hose is the hose wrapped by a stainless steel wire braided layer. It is primarily used as the protection for electrical wires and pipes connected to household taps, toilets, showers, etc. Braided hoses can be divided into single head hoses, braided hoses and shower hoses
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Plastic VS Stainless Steel VS Aluminum Alloy VS Copper-Plated Shower Head
As one of the necessary shower devices in the bathroom, the showerhead has a wide range of materials and types. So how can you choose a durable and beautiful shower in the mixed market? If you want to know the answer, please continue to read the blog content.
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4 Factors Need to Consider When You Choose A SS Shower Hose
To ensure that the metal flexible shower hose has a long service life, we must choose a good quality shower hose. How to choose the correct shower hose? Continue reading the blog to find the answer.
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How to Clean The Shower Properly?
Shower hoses and shower heads in the bathroom tend to hide dirt after a long time. Do you know how to clean them? This article teaches you how to clean shower hoses and shower heads with vinegar. Click on the article to view detailed information.
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Structure of Metal Anti-winding Shower Hose
This article mainly introduces the structure of shower hose, including rubber inner tube, stainless steel outer tube, and high temperature resistant copper core. Click on the article link to view detailed information.
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How to Repair A Leaking Shower Head
What should you do when the shower head in your bathroom breaks? First of all, you have to judge which part has the problem. We have introduced in detail the corresponding handling methods when different parts leak. Click on the link to view the detailed introduction.
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How to Select The Best Shower Hose
This article mainly tells you how to choose a shower hose. We introduced the size, material, and characteristics of the shower hose. Click on the article link to view more detailed information.
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What Are The Advantages of Metal Anti-twist Shower Hoses?
This article mainly introduces the advantages of metal anti-winding shower pipes. Click on the article to learn more!
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