Main use of stainless steel metal hose

Stainless steel metal hose is a flexible part with excellent performance in modern industrial piping.The structure is stainless steel corrugated pipe outer plait a layer or multi-layer steel wire or steel belt net cover, both ends with joint or flange head, used for conveying various media.Its characteristics: corrosion resistance, resistance to high and low temperature (196 ℃ ~ + 420 ℃), light weight, small size, softness is good. 

Main applications:

1. Transport corrosive chemical medium or organic solvent.(such as: nitrogen water, acetone, etc.) 2. Transport high-temperature gas, hot oil and other high-temperature media (such as: hot steam, heat oil, etc.) 3. Transport low-temperature or ultra-low-temperature media (such as: liquid nitrogen) 4. Transport water, gasoline and other media under high-temperature environment.(e.g., water vapor system and hydraulic system in steelmaking, coking and continuous casting equipment)


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