How to Replace The Stainless Steel Double Buckle Shower Hose?

Bathrooms at home are generally equipped with showers. Many times showers need to be connected to hoses. Among them, double-button shower pipes made of stainless steel are welcomed by many families. But do you know how to replace it?

The first step, installation preparation

We need to remove the old stainless steel double buckle shower hose. The shower pipe is connected to the showerhead and the connector, so both ends need to be unscrewed. The process of screwing requires a little effort.

The second step, installation steps

Align the joint part of the stainless steel double buckle shower pipe with the showerhead and tighten it along the thread direction. Connect the other end of the hose to the faucet of the water heater. In order to prevent the hose from leaking due to a loose screw, some tools may be needed when fixing it.

It is not recommended for girls with low strength to operate, because low strength may lead to the poor sealing effect of stainless steel double buckle shower pipe. In normal use, pay attention to avoid hose curling. The hose is easily damaged by long-term curling.

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