How to Prevent The Deterioration of Metal Hoses

The key to preventing the deterioration of metal hose materials is to check the raw materials in stock, especially the A-type raw materials, to “ten no”. That is, there is no moisture, no rot, no rust, no mildew, no rot, no change, no damage, no freezing, no damage, no decay.

The key to preventing the deterioration of metal hose materials is the continuation of raw material procurement process control. The key is to do the following management work. Special consideration is given to the performance of Class A raw materials, packaging quality, and warehouse floor conditions, and appropriate palletizing methods are adopted to achieve the purpose of flood prevention and moisture prevention. When the raw materials enter the warehouse, at the same time of acceptance and palletizing, they should be maintained and controlled according to the raw material classification and maintenance requirements, that is, regular or regular inspections should be carried out to eliminate and deal with hidden dangers in time.

At the same time, regulate the behavior of the process of entering and leaving the warehouse to avoid damage to the quality of the metal hose raw materials during the handling process. The shelves and items in the warehouse should be placed reasonably, the aisles should be unobstructed, the doors and windows should not be damaged, and the “three nets” (ground, doors, windows, shelves) should be free of debris, garbage, and dust.


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