How to Clean The Shower Properly?

Enjoying a warm hot bath in the cold winter is no more pleasant. Then whether the shower in the bathroom is unblocked or not determines whether the hot bath is comfortable or not!

When the shower has been used for a long time, and the water outlet is blocked by scale, which greatly affects the water flow. If you descale your stainless steel shower hose and shower head correctly, you can keep enjoying your showers. But how to clean the shower? This guide article offers valuable tips.

Prepare The Tools You Need

A plastic bag that can cover the entire shower, a rope or tie distilled white vinegar, an old toothbrush, and a soft cloth, such as microfiber cloth or flannel. Even if the shower cannot be removed, you can still soak the shower with vinegar and a plastic bag. 

Steps for Cleaning The Shower

1. Pour an appropriate amount of vinegar into the plastic bag. (Don’t pour too much, or the vinegar will overflow when you dip the shower in).

2. Cover the shower with a plastic bag. Hold the plastic bag with two hands so that the open bag mouth is directly under the shower. Slowly move up until the plastic bag covers the shower. 

3. Secure the plastic bag with a rope or tie. Hold the plastic bag tightly at the place where the shower and the water pipe are connected with one hand, and use the rope or tie to fix the plastic bag with the other hand. Release your hand slowly to make sure that the plastic bag will not fall before leaving.

4. Let the shower soak for 30 minutes or overnight. The dirtier the shower, the longer the soaking time. If the shower head is made of brass or is plated with gold or nickel, you will need to remove the bag after 30 minutes. You can also rinse the shower and put on a plastic bag to continue soaking.

5. Remove the plastic bag. Grasp the plastic bag with one hand, and carefully untie the rope or tie with the other hand. Tilt the plastic bag to pour out the vinegar, being careful not to splash the vinegar in your eyes.

6. Turn the shower on and off, and repeat several times. This will wash away the residual scale in the shower.

7. Clean the shower with an old toothbrush, then turn on the shower to wash away the scale. The water outlet of the shower is the place where scale is most likely to accumulate. You’d better brush it for a while and then turn on the shower; repeat this process until all the scale is removed.

8. Turn off the shower, and then wipe the shower with a soft cloth. Both microfiber and flannel materials are available. Gently dry the water on the shower until no water stains are visible.

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