How to Choose A Shower Hose

Taking a shower is all about relaxation and enjoyment. But in order to take full advantage of this time, your unit must be functional, reliable, and practical.

One of the most essential parts of your installation is the ss shower hose. Used to send water up from the shower valve to the showerhead, your hose should be chosen with care based on the following factors. 

Comfortable shower hose: Which length?

How long your shower hose has to depend on several factors: Do you shower in the bathtub or shower cabin, standing or sitting? Are you tall, do you have a shower bar on which your shower head holder can be pushed far up? Does the shower hose hang on a deep-seated bathtub faucet or on a higher installed shower thermostat? Or does your water come directly from the wall (as with a concealed installation system)? Please consider your individual bathroom situation with regard to the length.

Commercial shower hose lengths are:

  • 63 inches: The optimal dimension for the shower – creates freedom of movement and ensures comfortable showering pleasure.
  • 80 inches: For plenty of free space when you shower (standing) in the bathtub. That way you can enjoy a generous shower height in spite of the low mounted faucet.

High-quality shower hose: Which material?

PVC shower hoses

PVC shower hoses generally come in one of two types: basic PVC or reinforced PVC. These hoses will not scratch any objects around them and are extremely hygienic. They are also strong and very simple to maintain. Low-end PVC is, however, more likely to bend or kink.

Metal shower hose

Generally made of steel, brass, or stainless steel, metal shower hoses often feature a coil effect and are less likely to bend or kink. They can last for a number of years, but do require regular cleaning (especially in between the coils). Depending on its surroundings, your metal shower hose may eventually get scuffed. The lifespan and quality of these hoses will depend on the type of metal used to make them.

Double interlock metal hoses

This is a specific feature that only applies to metal shower hoses. Generally higher quality hoses, double interlock shower hoses will hardly ever bend or kink, and offer a longer service life. Ultra-resistant, double interlock hoses are also very flexible for greater user comfort.

Basic metal hoses

Basic metal shower hoses will only be composed of one layer of metal, making them more likely to twist or bend. They also offer a shorter service life and, depending on the type of metal used, may be more sensitive to rust.

Beautiful shower hose: Which design?

Whether a classic look made of metal or a modern look made of plastic: It’s a matter of taste. For metal, we recommend using a shower hose with additional plastic coating – so that hairs or skin can’t get pinched when showering. Hoses with chrome foil go perfectly with chrome showers and faucets. The shiny metal look blends timelessly and elegantly into your bathroom ambiance. The trendy metal spiral look made of plastic, which “faked” the classic metal hose, also creates visual highlights. If you like a more puristic look, choose a white hose. It looks fancy with white hand showers or tiles. Trending colors such as gold, green, blue, or red also set fresh, contrasting accents.

Matching shower hose: Which connections?

The beauty of a high-quality shower hose is that it can be easily screwed on and off. The exchange is so simple it’s child’s play. To ensure that your new hose combines the faucet and shower perfectly at home, please check the connection sizes before purchasing. The majority of shower faucets have a 1/2-inch thread, and most shower hoses are standardized on them (on both sides). Much rarer is the 3/4-inch thread. (Here’s a tip: Connectors make these connections suitable for 1/2-inch hoses). Unsure? Then just unscrew your old hose and take it to the store. Also, take a look at the quality of the connections and threads on the hose: An additional plus is a high-quality nut, for example, made of brass. Also, check that the two necessary seals are included in the packaging.

Minimalist exposed shower hose installation solution: The shower hose fits neatly next to the shower pipe and the ShowerTablet 600 thermostatic trim.


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