Definition of Corrugated Hose And Braided Hose

Corrugated metal hose

ss corrugated hose refers to a tubular elastic sensitive element connected by a foldable corrugated sheet along the direction of folding and stretching.

Its open end is fixed, the sealed end is in a free state, and auxiliary coil spring or reed is used to increase elasticity. When working, under the action of internal pressure, it stretches along the length of the pipe, causing the movable end to produce a displacement in a certain relationship with the pressure. The movable end drives the pointer to directly indicate the pressure.

Stainless steel corrugated hoses are often combined with displacement sensors to form a pressure sensor that outputs electricity and is sometimes used as an isolation element. Since the expansion of the stainless corrugated hose requires a large volume change, its response speed is lower than that of the Bourdon tube. The ss corrugated flexible hoses are suitable for measuring low pressure.

corrugated metal hoses are widely used in instruments and meters, and their main purpose is to convert pressure into displacement or force as a measuring element of pressure measuring instruments. The corrugated hoses have a thinner wall and higher sensitivity, and the measurement range is from tens of Pa to tens of MPa. It uses auxiliary coil springs or reeds to increase elasticity.

SS braided hose

SS braided hose refers to a tube that is braided with a layer of stainless steel wire outside of a stainless steel hose. Metal braided hoses are mainly used for electrical circuit protection and plumbing connectors for household faucets, toilets, and showers.

Stainless steel  braided hoses can generally be divided into single-head tubes, braided tubes, and shower tubes according to the above functions. Braided hoses can be divided into low, medium, and high grades according to the production process. The low-end braided hose is made of aluminum wire with a relatively low-end wire diameter, iron nut, zinc alloy inner core, and rubber inner tube. The mid-range braided pipe is mainly made of 304 steel wire, EPDM material, and copper fittings. The applicable period is generally more than 5 years. High-end braided hoses have specific uses, such as braided hoses for water purifiers. It is generally required that the configuration of the mid-range is supreme. Common configurations include 304 stainless steel wire, food-grade silicone inner tube, food-grade PEX-B inner tube, 58-3 all-copper fittings, and silicone gaskets.

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