Copper Flexible Corrugated Hose

Copper corrugated hose constructed of seamless copper tubing, which is the professional’s choice for water heater installations. Featuring an integrated dielectric sleeve, the sleeve isolates dissimilar metals within the waterway, where galvanic and electrolytic corrosion have their greatest potential. This separation provides complete protection against galvanic corrosion that can deteriorate the connector and cause leaks. In addition, the integrated dielectric sleeve eliminates the need to install an additional dielectric union, reducing time and installation costs.

2Flat   washerEPDM
4Copper   corrugated connectorCopper

Nuts of SS Corrugated Hose

The nuts are made of refined brass and forged in high temperature. They are strong and durable enough to butted with 4-minute nuts.


1/2(Normal / Elbow)
3/4 (Brass / Plastic)
3/8 (Normal / Elbow)


1/2 (Normal / Elbow)
3/4 (Brass / Plastic)
3/8 (Normal / Elbow)


(Normal / Short / Long)

Characteristic of SS Corrugated Hose

• Approved for electric and gas water heaters with flue vent
• Stainless steel corrugated hose can be used as an alternative to hard piping
• Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC and PE-RT pipe
• No special tools, crimping, glue or soldering is needed
• Our customized SS corrugated hose can be installed in wet lines
• Can be rotated for easier and faster installation
• Ideal for working in tight spaces
• Remove using a Disconnect Clip or Disconnect Tongs

Copper Flexible Corrugated Hose Specification Chart

Working Pressure bar 20°C (kgf/cm2)Test Pressure
bar 20°C (kgf/cm2)
Minumum bend radius (mm)WEIGHT
Material Grade
YN88013/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88023/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88033/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88043/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88053/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88063/4″0.60.830-200-20 to 1102504002003002000COPPER
YN88071/2″0.40.630-200-20 to 1102003502002502000COPPER
YN88081/2″0.40.630-200-20 to 1102003502002502000COPPER

Advantages of Stainless Steel Braided Flex Hose

● Temperature
Contingent upon the extremes of temperature, flexible corrugated metal hose is a positive choice as it can withstand temperature extremes.
● Permeation
Copper flexible corrugated hose is not subject to permeation whereas non metal hose can allow permeation through the hose wall material.
● Easy Installation
Corrugated flexible SS hose can be installed in record time. The ease of installation means that you realize savings in terms of labor costs.
● Light Weight
Copper corrugated hoses are light in weight, thus, they offer you the added benefit of ease of storage and transportation. Basically, light materials can be transported faster and cheaply.
● Fitting Configuration
The corrugated SS flexible hose can be attached to any type of fittings without any special requirement of shanks and collars as other hose types need.
● Good flexibility
Corrugated hoses have the features of suppleness, high strength and good elasticity. It is an inexpensive household hose

Application of SS Corrugated Hose





Mop Pool



Why Choose Yowin SS Corrugated Hose

Yowin corrugated flexible copper hose is manufactured from high-quality materials that are precision welded and corrugated to create a flexible, long-lasting, reliable product. It is our mission to be the manufacturer of providing customers exceptional value: 

  • High quality flexible metal hose & braid hose
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Superior and personalized customer service
  • Cutting-edge industry expertise
  • Short lead times and fast delivery
  • A variety of lengths, sizes and connectors
  • ISO 9001-accredited

Our advanced and hi-tech infrastructural facility enables us to provide these products within a limited time frame. Our professionals also make sure that before delivering these products are carefully examined by our quality inspectors so that no error or discrepancy occurs at the clients end. Products offered by us are designed with high precision in order to meet the international quality standards.

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