Common Types of Rain Shower Hoses
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Common Types of Rain Shower Hoses

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The rain shower pipe brings a lot of convenience to our daily life. But for its knowledge, how much do you know? May as well follow in the footsteps of the editor to understand its common types and purchasing skills.

Types of rain shower hoses

The more common shower pipes currently on the market include metal pipes, PVC pipes, and braided pipes. Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can compare these materials when you buy them. The size and outer diameter are generally universal, but there are also special ones, so it needs to be considered consistent with the size of the shower.

Shower hose purchase skills

The shower room is generally wet, so when choosing a shower pipe, the material of the joint is very important. At present, copper materials are mainly used, and all copper materials are not easy to rust, and the surface has been electroplated, which is relatively strong and durable.

In addition, you need to check whether the surface of the product is flat when buying. Whether the gap is symmetrical, whether the hand feels smooth, whether it can be stretched naturally, and whether the ability to resist damage is good.

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