Braided Gas Hose

Yowin delivers China staineless steel braided gas hose you can trust. We are a recognized leader in manufacturing hose products. Yowin is committed to providing solutions to all your hose needs: toilet, bathtub, washbasin, kitchen, mop pool, faucet, water heater.

Our SS braided gas hoses are available in a vast variety of lengths, materials, and connection types. Our gas hoses are certified reliability and affordability.



1/2(Normal / Elbow)
3/4(Brass / Plastic)


1/2(Normal / Elbow)
3/4(Brass / Plastic)

End Fittings Configurations

  • Male Pipe
  • Female Pipe
  • Female JIC Flare
  • CGA Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Tube Stub

Braided Gas Hose Specification Chart

HOSE PART NO. HOSE  SIZE I.D.  (IN.) O.D.  (IN.) HOSE LENGTH (cm) TEMPERATURE (℃) Working Pressure   bar 20°C (kgf/cm2) Test Pressure
bar 20°C (kgf/cm2)
Minumum bend radius  (mm) WEIGHT
Material Grade
YN5601 1/2″ 0.4 0.55 30-200 -20 to 110 200 350 200 250 2000 304
YN5602 1/4″ 0.2 0.35 30-200 -20 to 110 150 300 200 250 2000 304
YN5603 3/8″ 0.3 0.45 30-200 -20 to 110 150 300 200 250 5000 304
YN5604 5/8″ 0.5 0.65 30-200 -20 to 110 200 350 200 250 5000 304

How To Choose The Right Alloy

We’ll choose an alloy to construct your flexible metallic hose that is compatible with your specific application. For example, using 316 Stainless Steel is great for minor corrosion or high purity environments. In instances where high corrosion is a factor, nickel or monel is widely used in these applications. For most applications, the standard 321 ss core with 304 ss braid hose will work fine. Our flexible metal hose assemblies are extremely abrasion-resistant and are widely used in industries where high vibration is a factor. Actually, reducing vibration in your machinery can have a lasting effect on the life span of your machinery..

Used For Natural Gas Service

  • The application must be in a well-ventilated environment, outdoors, or indoors with significant continuous air movement.
  • It is not to replace a fixed/rigid pipe where that material is more appropriate due to reduced permeation and overall strength and durability. Use rigid pipe, non-permeable tubing, or hose with barrier constructions to convey natural gas whenever possible.

Innovative Design

Yowin chooses a different method to fabricate our custom braided natural gas hoses. We have a proprietary method of preparing the hose for welding that is different than our competitors. It involves how we form the hose core and how it relates to the braid and the braided band that ties all 3 together. During prep, we perform a process that thins out the wall of the end fitting so that when welded to the hose we get full penetration and that removes the hinge point we referenced earlier. The result is our flex steel braided gas hoses are stronger and more durable for a longer-lasting flexible hose assembly over time. This also creates a smooth transition between the hose core and the end fitting. It also removes sharp edges of the core that can interfere with flow inside the flexible metallic hose.

Our hose assemblies are cleaned several times throughout the process. Once before prep and welding and then a final cleaning after pressure testing. During the final cleaning process, Yowin pickles the welds to remove impurities (carbon) that have risen to the surface during the cooldown of the weld. This prevents any rusting on the welds once it hits moisture in the air or environment it’s installed in. Our competitors only use soap and water and in some cases a mild citric passivization. This is not strong enough to remove the impurities in the weld and that weld will rust within hours or days once in the field. These are just a few things that set us apart from the rest of the flexible SS braided hose industry. We hope that you make the right choice and choose Yowin for your next flexible braided gas hose manufacturer!

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