9 Steps to Install Braided Hose Easily
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9 Steps to Install Braided Hose Easily

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Welcome to the article that gives in depth guidance on how to install braided hose

What you read here can be applied to Stainless Steel braided hose,and Nylon braided hose and their respective hose fittings.


On this page – How To Install Braided Hose Fittings – we cover the following:

  • Tools required

  • 9 Steps to Install

  • Notes

Tools Required

  • Bench mounted vice

  • Imperial spanners that have a polished face (avoid marking the anodised finish)

  • 3 in 1 or similar

  • A Fine tooth saw such as junior hacksaw

  • Masking tape

  • Pliers and snips

  • Hobby knife

  • Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and glasses)

  • Cloth to wipe off excess oil


9 Steps to Install Braided Hose

  • Step 1: Drain the cooling system.

  • Step 2:  Remove your current hoses and hose clamps and inspect for damage or wear. Replace if necessary.

  • Step 3:  Select the correct size of sleeving and unroll. DO NOT CUT.

  • Step 4:  Apply liquid soap or silicone spray on the hose to ease installation of sleeving.

  • Step 5:  Using your fingers, expand the sleeve and slide it on the hose, covering the entire hose.

  • Step 6:  To keep the ends of the sleeving from fraying, put electrical or duct tape on the end of the sleeving, securing it to the hose. Pull the sleeving tight against the hose, retaining the additional length at both ends. Put tape around the sleeving on the end that is cut. Carefully cut the sleeving using a pair of sharp scissors.

  • Step 7:  Using worm gear type hose clamps, insert into correct size clamp covers. Position the clamp so that the adjuster is located in the slotted opening of the cover. Do not install.

  • Step 8:  Open the hose clamp so that it expands the clamp cover approximately 1/8” larger than the covered hose. Slide the clamp covers with clamps onto the hose, going past the tape. Do not force onto the hose.

  • Step 9:  Reinstall the hose onto the vehicle and carefully remove the tape on each end. Slide the clamp covers with the clamps into position and tighten securely.



Before installation inspect hose connections to ensure that the hose has been crimped to the fitting and there is a sealing o-ring or washer.

Install hose using hand pressure not exceeding 10Nm. Always hold the fitting end when installing the hose never twist the hose.

Never-use-tools-to-install-or-remove-hoses-as-this-may-damage-the-hose-and-the-plumbing-fittings-3 Never use tools to install or remove hoses as this may damage the hose and the plumbing fittings.
Never-kink-or-bend-the-hose-in-a-manner-to-distort-the-braid--4 Never kink or bend the hose in a manner to distort the braid or cause the water flow to create pressure in an isolated location.
Never-bend-the-end-of-the-hose-5 Never bend the end of the hose as this will cause pressure on the hose and the fitting attachment.
Never-install-a-braided-hose-through-or-behind-wallS-6 Never install a braided hose through or behind walls, in inaccessible locations or places where the hose can not be visually inspected.
Never-Stretch-hoses-to-cause-any-form-of-distortion-7 Never Stretch hoses to cause any form of distortion.

Never Twist hoses to cause any form of distortion.

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