4 Factors Need to Consider When You Choose A SS Shower Hose

Everyone usually uses the shower when taking a bath, it can make our bathing more convenient and comfortable. However, since the metal shower hose can be pulled at will during use, the flexible shower hose is prone to damage after a long time of use, resulting in water leakage. To ensure that the SS flexible shower hose has a long service life, we must choose a good quality shower hose. How to choose the correct shower hose? Continue reading the blog to find the answer.

The Surface of The SS Shower Hose

Although the surface of the shower hoses of various brands looks similar, if you observe, you will find that the surface of the high-quality shower hoses is flat, evenly distributed, and feels smooth to the touch. And the good quality shower hose uses stainless steel outer surface. The advantage of this material is that it can not only protect the inner tube but also play a certain anti-explosion effect. Yowin, a professional SS shower hose manufacturer in China, we will provide our customers higher quality shower hoses, if you are interested about our product, please contact us now!

The Material of The Shower Hose

During bathing, cold water and hot water are used alternately. The faucet plays an important role in regulating the water temperature, while the stainless steel shower hose plays an important role in connecting the shower head and the flexible hose. The use of hot and cold water needs to pass through the shower hose, so the shower hose has higher requirements on the material. The material of the inner tube of the shower hose is preferably EPDM rubber, which has the advantages of resistance to aging, outstanding heat resistance, and resistance to expansion and deformation.

The Flexibility of SS Shower Hoses

Since we often pull the hose when we take a shower, it is convenient for us to take a bath or use it in different positions, so when we buy a SS shower hose, we should choose a flexible material. For example, a hose made of EPDM rubber is more flexible. It is not easy to deform when pulling it, and it is easy to return to its original state. The outer tube of the shower hose is better made of 304 stainless steel, so that the stability and flexibility of the hose are guaranteed.

The Tightness of The Shower Hose

Finally, we also need to see whether it is tightly connected to the shower and faucet interface and whether the airtightness is good. If the tightness of the joints at both ends of the hose is not good, then we are prone to water leakage during use, and there will be certain safety hazards. Good quality hose joints are made of all copper, the thickness of the interface and the solid gasket inside are very sturdy and durable, and the appearance is also equipped with a good rubber gasket, which has a better leak-proof effect.


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